The Sisterhood of Aitz Chaim was formed shortly after moving into the new building on Haverhill for the purpose of fundraising. From the beginning there has always been a nucleus of dedicated women organizing and running fundraisers. The funds raised have been used for unexpected Shul expenses as well as upgrades.

Over the years Sisterhood has run flea markets, Succos meals, Purim Seudos, Pesach Sedorim, Shavuos Kiddushim, Thanksgiving weekend meals, Melave Malkas, Chinese auctions, ladies’ luncheons, to name a few. Those functions serve a dual purpose: fundraising and an opportunity to socialize with fellow members.

In addition to covering emergency roof repairs, air conditioning repairs, purchase of equipment needed, etc., Sisterhood underwrites every kiddush that does not have a sponsor. Over the summer of 2020 we completely upgraded the Shul kitchen. We are also sponsoring this website.

Presidium: Doris Adest and Charlotte Eisenberger
Treasurer: Eileen Spiegel

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